About Us

Mission Statement:  Our goal is to provide quality water and service to all our patrons.

Water District #7 was formed on September 9, 1964, and the original "By-Laws" were adopted September 15, 1964.  The Construction drawings and specifications for the original district were approved November 10, 1965.

The current "Rules and Regulations" were adopted March 27, 1979.  The District's "Construction Standards" book were adopted March 31, 1992 and approved by the State of Kansas - May 7, 1992. The Policies and Procedures were also adopted and published, September 18, 1992.

Rural Water District #7 has grown from its small beginning in 1964 to 996 patrons in 2011 and is still growing with over 66 miles of pipeline. In 2011 we sold 63,247,200 gallons of water and we are on track to sell even more in 2012. We are located in the Southeast edge of Leavenworth County in the Bonner Springs, Kansas-Linwood, Kansas area.

Our facility is operated by two employees and governed by seven Board of Directors. The water district was acknowledged and presented with a plaque for the "Most Improved System" award in 1994. We are still doing improvements within the water district.

Leavenworth County is one of the fastest growing counties in the State of Kansas. Leavenworth Rural Water District #7 is currently serving 6 subdivisions that are included in the 996 patrons. The Water District is a member of the Kansas Rural Water Association.

We are very proud of our ability to serve our patrons and maintain the continuing growth of Southeast Leavenworth County. We are especially pleased to be able to offer online bill payment options.